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The Massachusetts Financial Education Collaborative (MFEC), a group of not-for-profit organizations, private institutions, government agencies and other entities from across Massachusetts, was established by former Commissioners of the legislatively mandated Massachusetts Asset Development Commission.

Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) held a graduation for its Debt to Assets program in partnership with the Muslim American Society of Boston.
These students from Lawrence Community Works have graduated from budgeting and financial education classes.
Taheera, a new homeowner and financial education graduate in Cambridge remarks, "When I get home everyday, I look at some of my neighbors and I still wonder how did I get here?"
"When people have access to financial education they see that they have power. They see that they can get to the next step, and they see it as possible where before many times it felt impossible." Michelle Meiser, Allston/Brighton CDC
"I want to give to my community what I have learned -- that there is no such thing as a 'no', that there is a way to make your dreams come true." Adaliz Rodrigues, Program Participant, Chelsea Neighborhood Development
"The Collaborative is a group of extremely dedicated and hard-working people who represent a variety of organizations bringing people together with a diverse group of vested interests for the betterment of everyone in the Commonwealth." Mary Ann Clancy, Massachusetts Credit Union League
"I think the Collaborative’s work is very encouraging because they are looking at this in terms of the entire set of different lifespans which makes a real difference." Len Raymond, Homeownership Options for Mass Elders
State Treasurer Steve Grossman and Commissioner of Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education Mitchell Chester award 8 students from Old Rochester High School in Mattapoisett MA for scoring perfectly on the National Financial Capability Challenge.
MFEC 4th Annual Summit on Financial Education: Measuring Impact and Making a Difference!
MFEC 4th Annual Summit on Financial Education: Measuring Impact and Making a Difference!
MFEC 4th Annual Summit on Financial Education: Measuring Impact and Making a Difference!


MFEC 5th Annual Summit on Financial Education Highlights are up!

Take a Peak!


Financial Confidence & Coaching Program

Do you know people who are struggling with their finances? Send them to MassSaves.org for on-line resources and free personal financial coaching!

The newly launched Financial Confidence & Coaching Program helps residents from all over Massachusetts get consumer information and high-quality individual help.

Resources for
Trainers & Teachers

Trainers and teachers: Find information, curricula, and other tools to stay informed and effective. List your trainings on our calendar.

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the Financial
Information You Need!

For individuals: Find a service provider, a workshop, or get online tools to inform financial decisions.
Satisfy your financial curiousity!

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Research and Policy

It's a fast moving marketplace. Find out what's new and effective in the areas of financial education, asset-building, and economics.

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Check the events listing for upcoming events of interest in your area, including workshops, trainings for trainers, and conferences.

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